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About This Event

There is a new star in town...your child! Does your child dream of taking center stage? Learn from the theatre industry's best! We're bringing back our annual summer camp - with a twist! For the second year in a row, we will be hosting a smaller more intimate cycle theatre-style summer camp. Cycle plays have been around for hundreds of years, and involve performers keeping their distance in separate rooms to tell the same story together in sequences. Our 6-week camp will be broken into small groups led by our talented instructors, campers will be working towards an original cycle play that will take place in different areas of our theatre. The theatre will provide complimentary lunch, snacks, and learning materials. Each camper in the program is required to bring their own face mask. We will provide sanitation stations throughout the building so all students can practice safely. During the last two days of camp, all cohorts of campers will come to the theatre and perform their section of the play in separate spaces in the building. Parents can purchase tickets for a specific time slot to get a walk-through experience of the theatre as they watch each different scenes play out in separate areas of the theatre. All guests are required to bring their own face masks, and there will be no more than 10 guests permitted in each performance space at a time. This year we will be presenting an original productio called "Under the Big Top". A young child does what we all dreamed of doing... running away to join the circus. Living in a house with a strict father, a busy mother and siblings who are always vying for attention takes its toll on the young child. They decide to take matters into their own hands when they run away from home to join the travelling circus. Follow our young protagonist as they travel through the backstage warm up areas and witness the great tricks and feats of the whimsical circus performers. Follow them all the way to the big top where you wil
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