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About This Event

Come ring in the New Year with us at Space Park! About this Event This event is fully outdoors and will be by reservation or presale tickets only. We will follow social distancing protocols and safety precautions. - Please wear a mask at the entrance and when mobilizing throughout the park. - We will be performing temperature checks at the entrance. - We are very excited to see your beautiful souls again, please be sure to practice distanced methods of greetings and communication with people outside of your reserved zone. - We will provide sanitizing stations all throughout the park and your reserved zone. - If you are showing symptoms, please stay home and get well. Come back and dance with us when you're feeling 100% again! SPACEPARK is located at 300 NE 61st Street, Miami, FL, 33137 PARTY TIME IS 4PM, see you all there! 21+ From Miami with Love, Dance Floor 1 GA - $300.00
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