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Join us on Friday, April 23 for the 2021 Virtual FAU Frontiers in Science talk: "A New Horizon in Precision Oncology - Proteogenomics" presented by Henry Rodriguez, Ph.D. Join us as we dive into the massive analysis of cancer genomics data from thousands of tumors from all major cancer types has facilitated the molecular classification of cancer in modern medicine, guiding a precision oncology approach for patients. However, the advances in precision oncology have drawbacks and limitations as the needs of many cancer patients remain unaddressed. Integration of proteomics data with genomics data (proteogenomics) facilitates to advance of our understanding of the causes of cancer and narrow target selection for potential therapeutic intervention by providing increased granularity regarding cancer-relevant pathways. As such, proteogenomics provides an opportunity to generate new insights by melding the complexity of cancer genomics with cancer proteomics to more completely understand how somatic genomes activate aberrant signal transduction events that drive cancer pathogenesis, with the potential to fast become an essential part of laboratory medicine. This seminar will discuss how genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics are being combined in the quest to understand the etiology of cancer - in basic clinical sample studies and translational research (clinical trials). When: Friday, April 23 Where: Virtual Time: 4:00 PM RSVP Link: Following the talk, there will be a Q&A with the speaker. Join us at the 2021 virtual FAU Frontiers in Science lecture series, beginning Friday, January 15 through April 23. We have experts this season from a range of scientific disciplines who are speaking about: understanding the big bang, chance in the making of the planet and life, inequities in infancy, mathematical puzzles, the discovery of early human species, how economic collapse from Covid-19 is creating
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