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April 30, 2021 to April 30, 2021
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Boca Black Box, 8221 Glades Road,, Palm Beach County, Florida, United States, 33434

About This Event

The Free Speech Comedy Tour is coming to you! Author, radio personality and comic TIM YOUNG has teamed up with podcast host, writer and comedian CHRISSIE MAYR to bring you a night of laughs and fun without any of the political correctness, woke talking points, or cancel culture that we are all getting so tired of in the mainstream media. Tim has been on FOX News, CNN, Sirius XM Radio and has been featured on TMZ and Cosmo. Chrissie has been seen on America's Got Talent, Wendy Williams, FOX's Laughs, and has a weekly show on Anthony Cumia's Compound Media Network. Mayr also has a self-titled podcast which has been a mainstay on the iTunes Top 200 Charts all year. -- Chrissie Mayr is a nationally touring comedian and podcast host with appearances on NBC's America's Got Talent, FOX's Laughs, FOX's Punchline, Gotham Comedy Live, was a writer with many guest appearances on The Wendy Williams Show, and was the featured comedian on the REELZ Network's Joan Rivers Documentary "It Happened Here". Over the last few years Chrissie has become a fixture on Compound Media and Gas Digital Network shows including The Anthony Cumia Show, Real Ass Podcast, In Hot Water, Mornin', and the SDR Show. She is also a fan favorite on Jim Norton's The Chip Chipperson Podcast. Today, when she isn't performing stand-up, she is hosting The Chrissie Mayr Podcast which has been a mainstay on the iTunes Charts with over 100k streams per month, PLUS her own show on the Compound Media Network; "Chrissie Mayr's Wet Spot" which airs Monday nights. Tim Young is a right-leaning comedian, author, Washington Times Columnist, Sirius XM Patriot personality and a regular on many Fox local stations. Tim has been a guest on and quoted in almost every major publication in the world. Whether it be the conservative Fox News or the progressive CNN, Tim's voice has been heard there. His media and pop culture takes have been featured in everything from Cosmopolitan to OK! Magazine and TMZ Live! Tim traveled to
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